Spirit Visitation


Madsen Monpremier
Oil On Masonite


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About artist

Madsen Monpremier

Madsen Monpremier was born on August 12, 1952, in Gonaїves, Haiti. He attended Les Freres du Sacre Coeur and College Immaculee Conception. At age twenty, he began working as a tailor. In 1970, he moved to Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he became a student of the legendary Haitian master Gerard Valcin. Madsen’s is a master at capturing the imaginary world of the mystique of voodoo rituals in the way we can say Degas excels in portraying Ballet. He has held exhibitions locally and in Italy, France and the United States. His paintings are a must for any serious art collector. He is listed in Eva Pataki's book, "Haitian Painting Art in Kitsch" and illustrations of his painting can be seen in John Allen Franciscus’ book, “Haiti Voodoo Kingdom To Modern Riviera”.

About the work

Painting Description:

“The mambo is dressed in blue, holding a blue handkerchief with a blue turban over her head and a bottle of rum. Erzulie Dantour. The Petro Mother of All. The Blessed Mother. A mother to all who need a mother, Erusile Dantour is the highest Petro Loa and represents the force of the ocean; however, her force is evident in water everywhere. Her realms include family, stability, and order. Her color is blue”


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Spirit Visitation

Spirit Visitation

Madsen Monpremier ”Spirit Visitation”

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