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Sisson Blanchard
Medium Oil


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Sisson Blanchard

Sisson Blanchard was born in 1929 in Trouin, a small mountain village in the south of Haiti. Blanchard came to Port-au-Prince and worked as a landscaper at the Centre d'Art. He started painting in 1948 with the encouragement of an American sculptor named Jason Seley. It was Joel who gave Blanchard his first painting materials and suggested that he do a painting to show to Dewitt Peters. Blanchard's barnyard and peasant scenes, naive and bold in their charming exuberance, have had a direct appeal to art lovers. Illustrations of his painting can be seen in Marie Jose Nadal's book "Haitian Arts” and Eleanor Ingalls Christensen's book "The Art of Haiti".

About the work

Painting Description:

“Chickens populate the remote marshes of Haiti and feeds on farmers’ crops. This depiction of 12 chickens feeding on ear of corn set against a black background, looks like a giant exotic plant at first glance. Pintades and chickens are Blanchard’s favorite subjects. These fowls have extremely long wings, a prominent tail, a long sharp beak, vigilant eyes and strong claws. Everything about the fowls suggests energy and readiness. The contrast of cool and warm colors and size variations rescues this painting from an uninteresting repetition. The final touch is the artists’ signature lining the lower left corner, which balances the composition. The painting is masonite on board with a wooden frame.”


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Sisson Blanchard “ Feeding Time ”