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Emmanuel Jolicoeur was born on December 25, 1928 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is the older brother of the Haitian artist Wilson Jolicoeur. He was a member of the school Foyer des Arts Plastiques that was formed by a group of sophisticated artists who were dissatisfied with the way issues affecting Haitian painters were addressed. Jolicoeur worked very closely with the legendary Haitian artist Rene Exume and David Rouzier. In his artwork, he uses a strong clear palette ideal for painting portraits and country landscapes. Jolicoeur left Haiti and has been residing in the U.S since 1967. His paintings have been sold in Sotheby’s and other major auction houses. He is listed in Eva Pataki's book, "Haitian Painting Art in Kitsch" and John Allen Franciscus’ book, “Haiti Voodoo Kingdom To Modern Riviera” and the Davenport's Art Reference and Price Guide.

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