The Company

Where We Started opened its online gallery in April 1998 with a mission to use the Internet to transform art buying into the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable shopping experience. Our objective is to share the beauty and the mystery of Haitian art to the world. Our customer base and product offerings have grown considerably since our early days, we still maintain our founding commitment to customer satisfaction.

Where we are Today

Today, is committed to presenting the art of Haiti and its role in modern life through exhibitions, lectures and other cultural activities.  We have expanded our online art services. Our site offers works of more than 100 artists, displaying all categories of artwork; paintings and gouaches, watercolors and prints, photographs, stone and wood sculptures.

Along with our extensive artwork, we offer a wide variety of other shopping services. When you visit, you can:

Purchase Haitian art books and catalogs, all with information that will help you to obtain a greater appreciation of Haitian Art.

Get instant Email Alerts - Periodically, you will receive, free of charge, e-mail announcements about new artwork that has been added to our website.

Track your orders online; print invoices and previous orders.

Create and maintain your very own personal online gallery.

Brief History of the Artwork

The establishment of Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince by the American painter Dewitt Peters and journalist Selden Rodman in 1944 was instrumental in the revival of the artistic movement in Haiti. They became the promoters of "primitive art", with scenes depicted in bold, vigorous colors. This art has received both worldwide recognition and critical acclaim. Since then, Haitian art has been widely exhibited, collected, and displayed at many museums and sold at many galleries and major auction houses. is honored to be associated with the movement that is taking Haitian Art to the next level.

Art is any form of personal expression that combines creativity with talent. The visionary artist transforms common objects into something imagined or realistic. Art may also reflect or address the beliefs of an individual or a community. These attributes are most characteristic of Haitian Art, which offers a brilliant insight into the history and culture of Haiti and the everyday struggle and survival of its people. The art of Haiti is an outgrowth of a unique past involving socio-economic, ethnic, political, and religious phenomena. Since 1804, the year of Haitian independence, there has not been any other island in the Caribbean where so many great artists have created such large numbers of artwork that are "universally human." Voodoo, the religion inherited by individuals inside and outside of Haiti, continues to play a dominant role in the artistic expressions of the Haitian artists. invites you to share the experience.

Our Vision

At, there is art for everyone - from the sophisticated collector, the interior decorator and designer, to the novice buyer. The site offers high-quality, genuine Haitian art at prices well below those of traditional galleries. We have only scratched the surface of Haiti’s magnificent art treasure; the best is yet to come.

Our Commitment

All artwork is reviewed and selected by a committee headed by William Arthur, Curator-in-Charge. We are committed to bringing you high-quality, genuine Haitian artwork of the highest quality..


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