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“ Illustrated in colour and black & white INDEX Bigaud W Benoit, Duffaut, Duval-Carrie J. E Gourgue, Gregoire A Hyppolite H Joseph J Leontus A Obin Ph Obin S Philippe-Auguste S Pierre A Poisson L St Brice R Stephane M Valcin G Latin American Prints Index Alvarez Amaya J Anguiano R Berdecio R Botero F Bracho A Cabrera D Calderon C Carrington L Castaneda A Catlett E Chacon Rodriguez L Chariot J Chavez Morado CortesJuarez E Corzas F Dosamantes F Escobedo J Gandia V Garcia Bustos A Gerzso G Gironella A Gongora L Huerta E Jimenez Verm's S Lam W Lopez-Loza L Lugo A Manilla M Matta R Mendcz L Merida C Moreno Capdevila F Ocarnpo O'Higgins P Olivares R Orozco J C Paredes M Posada J G Quinteros Gomez A Ramos Prida F Rivera D Rojo V Siqueiros D Soriano J Taller de Grafica Popular Tamariz E Tamayo R Tarrago L Toledo F Valetta Vilchis F Wilson J Zalcc A Zuniga, No. of pages - 69, Date - 24th November 1993, No. of lots – 141 ''


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Christie’s Haitian Paintings and Latin American Prints

Christie’s Haitian Paintings and Latin American Prints

Christie’s Auction "Christie’s Haitian Paintings and Latin American Prints”

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