Hernot Versaint
Medium Wood


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About artist

Hernot Versaint

Hernot Versaint born March 28, 1951 in Cap-Haitien. After primary school and high school at Lycee Philippe Guerrier, he began to paint in 1971. He studied under Charles Anatole and paints in the primitive style. He is also a master wood carver, in the way we say that Degas excels in portraying ballet. "His miniatures show a mastery of the knowledge of anatomy and he reigns supreme in this field, said Madame Shishi in her book Les Naif Haitiennes". He is a listed artist in Eva Pataki's book, “Art in Kitsch” and the book "Haiti Et SES PEINTRES De 1804 a 1980” by Michel Philippe Lerebours.Illustrations of his scupltures can be found in Madame Shishi's book," Les Naifs Haitiennes".

About the work

Wood Description:

”This dramatic carving by Hernot Versaint features a Ougan holding a bottle of potion in one hand an ason on the other hand. The potion is used to offer drink to the loas. The ason is the main ritual tool of the ougan. It is utilize by the ougan to direct the ceremony ritual. The symbol of the ougan's religious authority is the ason, a rattle used in rituals. The ason is made from a hollow calabash gourd. The outside of the gourd is decorated with several strands of beads in bright colors. It measures 8'' x 15'' x 6''. This sculpture is signed and it is fully guaranteed to be the original work of the artist”/p>


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Hernot Versaint "Assant”

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