United After 911


Jean R. Croichy
Medium Acrylic


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Jean R. Croichy

Jean Richard Coachy (Croichy)  was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1951. At the age of thirteen, he was accepted at the Calfou Club. He began his studies under the supervision of Haitian master Petion Savain. Coachy's Cubist Abstract, Surreal and impressionist has earned him the reputation of one the leading artist of Haiti. His works are primarily in acrylic on canvas and gouache. His themes include action cubist abstract gesture. In addition to painting, Coachy is also a respected art instructor in Haiti. His pupils include Jean Francoise and Mona Haigler. He has held many exhibits in the United States, Europe, and Haiti. Illustrations of his painting can be seen in Jonathan Demme's book, "Island on Fire" and John Allen Franciscus' book, "Haiti Voodoo Kingdom To Modern Riviera.

About the work

Painting Description:

An incredible memorabilia of the 911 tragedy. This painting depicts strength, love and unity created amongst all races after the September 11, 2001 tragedy. Lady liberty appears bruised but hopeful. The eagle symbolizes the strength of America, gazing upward, as she covers the lost souls with her wings. The drum with the heart inset symbolizes the heartbeat of New York and the love and unification of its people. At the bottom of the painting are the smoldering remains of the towers from which two pillars of light beam skywards from where they once stood.


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United After 911

United After 911

Jean Richard Coachy “United After 911"