The Treaty

The Treaty


Fabolon Blaise
Oil On Masonite




About artist

Fabolon Blaise

Fabolon Blaise was born in Cap-Haitien on February 17, 1959. Following in the footsteps of his brothers, Saint-Louis Blaise and Serge Moleon Blaise, Fabolon devoted himself to painting in 1975. He began painting landscapes and later specialized in painting historical scenes, inspired by folklore and Voodoo themes. Fabolon Blaise died in Port-au-Prince in 1985. He is remembered as a taciturn, sometimes irascible, but very endearing character.

About the work

Painting Description:

“ Like his talented brother Saint Louis Blaise, Fabolon’s painting captures the signing of the treaty between the French monarchy and the newly declared independent nation of Haiti. In this realistic painting, three Haitian Generals are depicted: General Toussaint Louverture, General Jean Jacques Dessalines and General Henri Christophe. The fourth unidentified general could have been the French General Napoleon Bonaparte. This painting is truly an impressionistic study, with strong elements of color and light. The detailing and layout are equally exceptional. The artist signed and dated his work at the lower right. It measures 24"x32", and is beautifully housed within a color coordinated, custom wood frame. The painting was purchased at the Gallery Nader in Petionville, Haiti in 1975. This is an outstanding painting indeed. Its authenticity is fully guaranteed..”


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The Treaty

The Treaty

Fabolon Blaise “The Treaty”