Voodoo Ceremony


Castelneau Benoit
Acrylic On Masonite


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About artist

Castelneau Benoit

About the work

Painting Description:

“ This energetic scene features a group of dancers dressed in white, performing a voodoo ceremony. The color white signifies life, energy and happiness. In the painting there are three veves drawn on the floor that serves to summon the spirits. The mysterious number three symbolizes life, body and soul. The painting depicts two women wearing scarves around their waists. These women are called the Houmfors. Each Houmfor represent a unique Loas. The function of the scarf serves to entice the loas to honor the ceremony with their presence. The women are dancing around a pole, commonly known as a Peristile. On the corner of the room are two men beating drums that serve to assist in summoning the Loas. This painting is framed Masonite on board; Signed Lower Right, "Castelnau V. Benoit 10/10/74". Rigaud Benoit, a well-known Haitian artist of the 20th century, produced a family of artists who have now become part of the Benoit legacy. Castelnau V. Benoit is his son. The influence of his father is clearly visible in Benoit's subtlety of tones and delicacy of line. He is personally distinctive in his use of images to convey the idea of human metamorphosis ”


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Voodoo Ceremony

Voodoo Ceremony

Castelneau Benoit "Voodoo Ceremony"

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