Portrait of Jesus


Gerard Fortune
Oil On Masonite


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About artist

Gerard Fortune

Gérard Fortuné wants his paintings to be appreciated for their primitive qualities alone. In this picture, a contour shape tri-color accentuates the face like flower pattern of a woman. A woman is like a flower blooming to perfection. The painting is not so much the portrait of a particular woman as it is the representation of ideal female beauty. Painting is signed and housed within a nice hand carved wooden frame. Guaranteed to be original work of the artist.

About the work

Painting Description:

“Gérard Fortuné, a voodoo priest, drew this image of a portrait of Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head as a result of Catholicism being introduced to Haiti. Stylistically, the portrait is an example of Christian beliefs in the Haitian population. The work is also significant in that Haitian artist’s recollection about the circumstances surrounding the devastation of the people of Haiti. Painting is signed and housed within a nice wooden hand carved frame. Guaranteed to be original work of the artist. ”


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Portrait of Jesus

Portrait of Jesus

Gerard Fortune "Portrait of Jesus"

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