The Ceremony


Dieudonne Rouanez
Oil On Canvas


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About artist

Dieudonne Rouanez

Dieudonne Rouanez, was born in Petion-Ville on May 21, 1920. He has been painting for over 40 years. Rouanez was a student of the famous Gerard Valcin at the Centre d'Art, and is best known for his unique style in portraying voodoo themes. Rouanez has participated in exhibitions worldwide, mainly in Europe, and his works are part of the permanent collection of the Musee de l'Homme in Paris. Illustrations of his painting can be seen in Gérald Alexis book, “Peintres Haïtien”.

About the work

Painting Description:

“Dieudonne Rouanez is a master at painting voodoo scenes. Haitian Voodooo art is art related to the Haitian Voodoo religion. This religion has its roots in West African traditional religions brought to Haiti by slaves. Using a bright palette for his paintings, Dieudonne depicts voodoo rituals and worshipers engaging in ceremonies.”


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The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Dieudonne Rouanez "The Ceremony"

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