Blue Day


Mona Haigler
Acrylic On Canvas


About artist

Mona Haigler

C. Mona Haigler was born in Port-au-Prince, into a family of artists. Her mother, who is very talented, taught her the beauty of embroidery . Her brother Jean Richard Coachy was a student of the legendary Haitian master Petion Savain. Mona studied art at the National Academy of Art and also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she pursued a degree in fine arts. Mona's love for the arts has led her to a career in the creative arts. Her embroidery work has been used in costumes worn in such hit movies such as "Crooklyn" and "The Ink Well." Additionally, her jewelry designs were featured in an article by Joseph Pastrana in "Style Magazine." Mona has been an accomplished impressionist artist who has held many successful art exhibitions. Her style can be denoted as surrealist, or impressionist-fantastique. Her work has been featured in various newspaper and magazine articles in recent years.

About the work

Painting Description:

“ This painting depicts a black woman with a white hand. The hand is positioned over her right eye, which is opened. The left eye is closed. The artist is clearly describing a black woman who has lost her identity but yet very much on the alert.”


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Blue Day

Blue Day

Mona Haigler "Blue"