Voodoo Priestess


Pierre Augustin
Oil On Canvas


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About artist

Pierre Augustin

This painting depicts the Haitian Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines who courageously fought for the independence of Haiti from France. The country won it's freedom by defeating the French army led by the French General Napoléon Bonaparte, on January 1, 1804. Pierre Augustin’s painting captures Dessalines receiving the Honor of Rochambo. History that is obligatory true to a historian is always imaginative to the artist. Pierre Augustin has always been drawn to preserving the historical facts of Haitian history. This painting is mounted on stretch canvas and is fully guaranteed.

About the work

Painting Description:

This painting depicts a voodoo priestess, performing a ceremony, in full splendor. This painting captures the ceremony at its peak, connected to the spiritual world. The two maidens, with their heads on the drums, are completely entranced. On the ground is the veve and candles, two major ingredients of the Voodoo ceremony. The mysterious building, barely visible on the background, suggests a connection with the heavenly kingdom. This painting is mounted on stretch canvas and is fully guaranteed .


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Voodoo Priestess

Voodoo Priestess

Pierre Augustin"Voodoo Priestess”

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