Lessive a la Campagne


Wesner P. Louis
Oil On Canvas


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About artist

Wesner P. Louis

Wesner Pierre-Louis was born on December 1, 1948. He started painting at a very early age. His brother Anthony, Jacques Enguerrand Gourgue, Ambroise encouraged him to paint. Wesner was widely known for painting in the impressionistic style. He participated in many art exhibits in Haiti and many parts of the world including Canada and parts of Europe. His artwork was sold in various gallery in Haiti including the Red carpet and gallery Calfou. He is a listed artist in Eva Pataki's book, “Art in Kitsch” and the book "Haiti Et SES PEINTRES De 1804 a 1980” by Michel Philippe Lerebours. He moved to Canada during the 1970's. Today, Wesner Pierre Louis is a prolific artist that lives and paint in Montreal Canada.

About the work

Painting Description:

“This painting is a masterpiece of precise and calculated composition and palette knife technique. It depicts country folks washing clothes in a river. Underlying all Wesner Pierre Louis's paintings there is a complex, yet entirely rational and carefully worked out, geometrical structure. One of the pleasures in looking at his work is discovering this hidden geometry. This is a landscape to listen as well as look at. Pierre Louis teases the ear as well as delighting the eye. There are quite definite accents of sound: the crickets, the owls and the villagers chanting while washing their clothes interrupted by moments of silence. This enchanting piece is handsomely housed within a natural wooden frame. Painting is fully guaranteed. The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Red Carpet gallery in Haiti it is signed and dated 1977.”


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Lessive a la Campagne

Lessive a la Campagne

Wesner Pierre Louis “Lessive a la Campagne”

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